The Future of the Workplace Canteen

The Future of the Workplace Canteen

Do you want a new way to offer onsite refreshments for your employees? Allow them to refuel during their working day with a flexible service that offers a wide variety of grab and go refreshments. An amazing solution that offers your employees rewards, variety and ensures safe social distancing measures and contactless payment facilities. Plus, for an added bonus, it’s a facility that will be a cost-saving option for the business.

  1. Cashless

Covid-19 is speeding up the move for the UK to become a cashless society, from the previously reported 10 years to now aiming for just 2 years. R+R Hub is already there, it’s completely cashless and operates using a contactless self-serve till, just like the one’s we are used to seeing and using in the local supermarkets. Not only are self-service tills great for efficiency, but they keep things easy for consumers and reduce their waiting times.

How are we different from our competitors? We also have a mobile app that allows employees to make payments and collect rewards in the process!

  1. Unattended

As our hubs are fitted with CCTV they can be completely unattended, which also makes them 24/7! And with no staff salary to cover, this has a huge cost saving benefit when you compare to a manned canteen facility. Our operators will come to site every day to restock and replenish the hub and will be onsite for between 1 – 2 hours depending on the size of your Hub. The added benefit for the current Covid-19 situation means that your employees will not need to come into contact with a member of staff to make their purchase.

  1. Our Mobile App

Setting us apart from our competitors our Mobile App enables employees to upload credit, receive rewards + promotions, it enables employers to gift vouchers/tokens to staff as rewards, it records purchases so no need to print receipts, and a feature we are really excited about is it enables the consumer to order items ahead such as cakes and treat boxes. Perfect for that surprise birthday cake!

We will have constant offers on within the Hub but even more via our app. Promotions such as buy 6 hot drinks and get the 7th free, or afternoon treats such as coffee and cake for £2.50, we even have breakfast promotions such as any hot drink and porridge pot for £3.00.

Our app can also work alongside any wellbeing initiatives you may want to run, such as encouraging staff to purchase ‘healthier refreshments’ for example purchase 2 healthy snack bars and the company will treat you to the 3rd.

  1. Full Solution

As we will be visiting site daily we can also deliver your office consumables such as:

  • fresh fruit: a daily top-up of fresh fruit items
  • milk: all varieties including non-dairy options
  • water: whether it be single drinking bottles, a large bottled water machine, a plumbed water machine, or a water tap we can deliver and clean daily.
  • hot drinks: such as tea or flavoured tea bags, coffee granules, large sugar bags or sachets, milk capsules
  • fresh, delicious buffet service: we have teamed up with the best local catering company and can cater for 4 to 1,000 employees
  • staff treats: whether you want to treat your staff to something seasonal or just a job well done, we can deliver a number of treat options such as ice creams, cakes, and pastries with just 24 hours notice

Another added benefit following Covid-19 is that we now offer snack + wellbeing box deliveries to home workers to enable them to still feel part of a team and a part of a great company to work for.

  1. The Employer Perks
  • Subsidising: all items within our Hubs can be subsidised by the employer. Whether you want to offer hot drinks for free or at a reduced staff price, or if you want to offer a great value meal deal (normally set at £3.99) for £2.00 for all staff, the difference can be invoiced monthly with full reports to back the costings.
  • Improve staff retention by offering a new modern way of workplace refreshments.
  • Account Cards: to enable management to treat their teams or to cater for a staff or unexpected meeting, we simply add it to your monthly invoice
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by having one company to look after your workplace refreshments
  • Cost savings over a manned canteen and the use of several different businesses for all your workplace refreshments and consumables.
  • Fresh, locally sourced food delivered daily
  • Open 24/7 as we know that no one really works 9 am – 5 pm!


The Future of the Workplace Canteen