Stanley Assure ensures complete security for large photography studio

Stanley Assure ensures complete security for large photography studio

Stanley Security, one of the most trusted names in the world of security, has provided a photography studio in Knowsley, Merseyside, with a top class wireless Ricochet™ technology based alarm system financed through Stanley Assure.

Studio Argent is a 5,000 ft sq studio that houses and uses state of the art digital equipment to produce creative and commercial photography for numerous large national and international clients, making security of their premises a priority.

Security installed a modern intruder alarm system based on Stanley’s Ricochet™ technology. This next generation wireless networking technology operates by receiving repeated wireless transmissions from devices located throughout the studio building to ensure that even the remotest areas are secured. Furthermore, any weak signals between devices prompt the Ricochet network to self-heal and automatically re-route communication so that the studio is protected at all times.

Stanley Security recommended the studio’s existing aging intruder alarm system be replaced, with the costs covered under Stanley Assure. Stanley Assure is a finance solution for customers wishing to benefit from up to date security technology without the risks of ownership and with evenly spread, manageable payment terms with no hidden extra costs. Additionally included is a full monitoring package for total peace of mind.

Stanley Assure removes the need to justify and raise significant capital outlay in a depreciating asset.  Instead, Stanley will buy back and take over an existing security system, upgrade it to incorporate the latest security technology, and then hire it back for usage.  It provides an affordable means of upgrading a complete security system.

Studio Argent not only benefitted from Stanley Security’s product technology, but also gained access to Stanley’s NSI Gold accreditation ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centre (PNC) as a part of the contract. As a result, Studio Argent receives 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring and immediate customer care.

The ease of usage of the new Stanley intruder alarm system allows Studio Argent to activate the system in under five minutes, whilst previously the process took approximately 40 minutes. Furthermore, whereas the old system was hypersensitive and would often be set off by mice and moths in the building, the new system, relying on latest mesh technology, ensures no false alarms occur while offering airtight security which is easily scalable, should the studio expand its premises.

After repeatedly having to pay additional, hidden costs to the previous security supplier for patch up work to the studio’s 20 year old alarm system, and dealing with subpar service which in one incident breached the national code of conduct for UK Alarm providers, Studio Argent was pleased to make the cut and move to a reliable security provider.

John Organ, Owner of Studio Argent, happy with the move to Stanley’s new alarm system said, “From the knowledgeable and expert representatives who contacted me to the total peace of mind and ease of operation that it offers, I feel that Stanley Assure has really changed my life. I would not hesitate in recommending Stanley to anyone.”

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Stanley Assure ensures complete security for large photography studio