Skyscrapers Of The Future

Skyscrapers Of The Future

5 Buildings Under Construction That Will Be Amongst The Top 10 Tallest In The World By 2021

If you think that some of the tallest towers in the world are impressive now, then you’ve seen nothing yet. Not only will the next generation of skyscrapers be in amongst the tallest in the world, with one becoming THE tallest and by a long way, they are also far greener too. Below is a graphic that highlights these new cloud puncturing structures, what they’ll have inside them and the green features that have been incorporated as well.

Skyscrapers Of The FutureJeddah Tower

– Five-Star Four Season Hotel and 97 Affiliated Serviced Apartments, Including 7 Duplexes

– 7 Floors Worth Of Offices

– 4 Residential Floors Including 325 Apartments

– 2 Floor Shopping Mall

Fun Facts =

– It will knock Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa off its throne as the tallest skyscraper in the world by 236 feet.

– Will be part of the Jeddah Economic City, also being constructed, and will cost an estimated $20 Billion to complete.

– The tower will come with an amazing sky terrace that is 98 feet in diameter and will rotate around its centre.

– Prince Talal intended to build it to a mile high, but a soil test found that the land is not suitable for a building that high.

Sustainability Features =

– Is oriented so the facades align from the northeast and northwest to reduce the overall solar load.

– The tower’s zoning approach to design distributes potentially high system pressures while supporting sustainable construction practices of system component standardization.

– This combined with the design’s effective infiltration control, helps mitigate the properties of stack effect by reducing pressure differential and controlling the movement of air throughout the building.

Skyscrapers Of The FutureWuhan Greenland Center

– Hotel Consisting Of 50 Floors

– 60 Floors Worth Of Office Space

Fun Facts =

– Is expected to use 51% fewer resources than a conventional office building.

– Will be the third tallest building after the Jeddah and Burj Khalifa.

– Has a 27-meter-tall private club with spectacular views at the tower’s penthouse level.

– The curtain wall will enclose a composite concrete core with steel framing. Apertures in the curtain wall at regular intervals will assist in venting wind pressure against the tower.

Sustainability Features =

– Has an energy generating ventilation system that uses rotary air-to-air enthalpy wheels to capture the exhaust air and use it for building heating purposes.

– High-efficiency lighting systems.

– Greywater recovery system that takes waste water from hotel laundry, sinks, and showers and then reuses it in the building’s evaporative cooling system.

Skyscrapers Of The FutureMerdeka PNB 118

– 7 Floors For A Shopping Complex

– 83 Floors Of Office Space

– 5 Floors Of Hotel Residential Areas

– 12 Floors Of Hotel Rooms

– 100 Floors Of Rentable Space

Fun Facts =

– It will become the tallest building in Malaysia.

– The project is expected to contribute as high as RM11 billion ($2.7 Billion) to the local economy and create over 10,000 employment opportunities across hundreds of industries.

– The tower will be the first building in Malaysia to achieve a triple green building platinum accreditation by local and foreign bodies, including the Green Building Index (GBI).

Sustainability Features =

– While information on sustainability features for the PNB 118 is scarce, it is pursuing a rigorous environmental program and is seeking triple platinum sustainability certification under the USGBC’s LEED program, the Malaysian Green Building Index (GBI), and the Malaysian GreenRE program.

Skyscrapers Of The FutureRama IX Super Tower

– Office

– Six Star Hotel

– Shopping Mall

– Restaurants

Fun Facts =

– Will become the tallest building in Thailand and the whole of southeast Asia upon completion.

– Will house Thailand’s first 24-hour office facilities.

Sustainability Features =

– Energy will be partially generated by solar panels

– Highly efficient air conditioning system to maintain constant temperatures

– Clad in insulated glass

Skyscrapers Of The FutureBaoneng Shenyang Global Financial Tower

– 34 floors of Offices

– 320-room Five-Star Luxury Hotel

– An executive club

Fun Facts =

– The executive club will be located within the giant “pearl” at the top of the tower that measures 50 meters in diameter.

Sustainability Features =

– The tower is targeting LEED Gold Certification.



Skyscrapers Of The Future