Saving water and energy and so much more…

Saving water and energy and so much more...


WhiffAway Group’s waterless urinal technology makes a major, measurable contribution to environmental sustainability, while improving the workplace experience.

WhiffAway Group technology has helped change an industry from conventional flushing to zero flushing. This has been driven by developing unique solutions that deliver commercial and environmental savings, with more than 120,000 systems installed across 35 countries – saving the planet over 350 litres of water per second – and rising.

The system – which is ideal for retrofitting – offers obvious water savings (its waterless!) as well as embedded energy savings – there is no need to pump the water in to flush the urinals and this offers an embedded energy/carbon saving. Moreover, on new builds there is no need to plumb in cold feeds to urinals, leading to an estimated 30% saving on project costs and the environmental savings to match. Finally, the system is non-hazardous and all cleaning materials are environmentally friendly.

WhiffAway’s patented patented solutions save money, overcome common problems such as urinal odours, frequent blockages and flooding, in conjunction with making washrooms a more hygienic and pleasant place to visit.

WhiffAway Group’s Water Warrior technology takes water flushing from its current levels to zero, so there are environmental savings achieved from day one. WhiffAway’s solutions do not require harmful chemicals and less waste needs to be treated further downstream. The technology is more environmentally friendly in every way compared to conventional flushing.

Sustainable from the start

The WhiffAway waterless urinal technology story is all about sustainability and starts way back in 1992. Company founder Valerie McLean was seeking a project which would make a BIG difference. her preliminary findings demonstrated both institutions and organisations were actively exploring gas and electricity as a means of reducing costs and being more sustainable. It became increasingly evident that water was overlooked and this was due to the relatively low combined cost (water in and sewerage out) at the time. This lack of focus was the start of her passion for water conservation and helping others help the environment. Being ‘environmental’ was not on the top of the agenda at the time.

Through a consultancy project with John Forte, then Environmental Director of the Trust House Forte Group, Valerie conducted a study across a number of group properties, including Little Chef, Forte Post Houses, Welcome Break and Le Méridien. The findings of the study demonstrated that a staggering 42% of overall consumption was being flushed through urinals.

Having searched the market, there were little or no water saving solutions suitable to overcome common urinal problems, without increased cost and maintenance requirements, including the need for significant fabric changes. The idea for developing the retro-fit waterless urinal was born.

Following two years of R&D, field testing and significant private investment, the Dome & Disc Waterless Urinal was launched. The rest, as they say, is history.

“Valerie’s vision and determination has enabled hundreds of companies to save money, while measurably improving their environmental sustainability credentials,” said WhiffAway Group Operations Director Sebastian Marshall.

A worldwide solution

There are over 60 million urinals in the world and rising, and each standard flushing urinal wastes up to 157,000 litres of potable water every year at an approximate annual cost of £395.00 per urinal. In developed countries, urinal flushing accounts for up to 18% of total water consumption. This, alongside rising global populations, is simply too large a number to ignore when WhiffAway’s solution saves in every way, while also creating jobs.

Urinal flushing is one of the worst offenders when it comes to excessive water consumption. Not only is there huge wastage, but rising water charges mean that it is a problem every business simply cannot afford to ignore.

Switching to waterless urinals takes pressure off overstretched infrastructure. This can make a measurable contribution in drought ridden countries and save billions around the world in the process.

And beyond those numbers, the benefits of improving the washroom experience to positively enhance the well-being of employees is immeasurable.

WhiffAway Group’s waterless urinal technology has enabled hundreds of companies to save money, measurably improve their environmental sustainability credentials and has saved an estimated 750,000,000 cubic meters of water and £1.9 billion for industry.

Since the beginning that’s the equivalent of 300,000 Olympic sized swimming pools of drinking water.

Waste to energy

Through its partnership with Bristol UWE and supported by Oxfam and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WhiffAway has helped develop a revolutionary waste to energy solution for third world countries. The applications include generating power, conserving water, treating and recycling waste and inoculating soil in arid conditions.

WhiffAway is also a winner of the Waterwise Award and holds IAPMO and Watermark Certification, among others.

The sustainable future of washroom management

Using its experience as a market leader in waterless urinal technology, biological solutions and closed systems, WhiffAway Group has now developed and installed the world’s first fully connected smart washroom technology.

Rising washroom standards and customer expectations have driven Facilities Managers to find more innovative ways of monitoring performance. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled service providers to collect data, track patterns and effectively manage resources to avoid run-to-breakdown scenarios.

Delivered as a turn-key solution, WhiffAway’s Smart Washroom uses IoT enabled sensors to collect data within the washroom. The application provides an interactive 3D washroom platform, while an easy to navigate user interface delivers data in a measurable way.

WhiffAway Smart Washrooms provide a scalable platform and delivery model which monitors usage patterns and generates reports, while helping to determine what drives the customer experience. Use of the data enables continuous improvements and drives efficiencies. WhiffAway’s Smart Portal captures real time data, providing a status of assets in the washroom and this is presented on a user-friendly dashboard which can be easily customised to present data in different formats and personalise alerts.

“WhiffAway Smart Washrooms Platform delivers a wide range of benefits for Facilities Managers,” said CEO James McLean. “By collecting data in real-time, trends can be identified to prompt routine maintenance of delivery systems and the replenishment of consumables. This, in turn helps avoid unnecessary breakdowns and increases customer satisfaction. The future of washroom management is here.”


Saving water and energy and so much more…