NEC Continues Support For Innovation


Derby-based HSG, the award-winning market leader in washroom water conservation, is helping the NEC reduce its environmental impact and put customer service at the top of the agenda with its innovative products.

Firstly, the NEC has saved 927 million litres of water by adopting HSG’s Ureco and Uretech water management system which was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2018.

The NEC was the first venue to adopt HSG’s Ureco system ten years ago and has since installed it in more than 800 urinals across the site in the West Midlands. In the first year alone, the NEC saved enough water to fill 33 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The Ureco stops smells by trapping urinal odours below the surface and reduces blockages through the patented enzyme system which breaks down the fat, acid and salt in urine.

This enables the Uretech to reduce urinal flushes from around 96 times to just four times a day – drastically reducing water usage, saving money on utility bills and maintenance and repairs and improving the customers’ washroom experience.

Having gained positive feedback as a result of installing the Ureco, the NEC has continued its commitment to customer experience with the introduction of HSG’s latest innovation – Cleen – which is the UK’s first fully integrated management system.

The Cleen App is free to download onto smartphones and enables customers and visitors to log reviews of washrooms.

Each washroom at the NEC has its own individual QR code displayed prominently to identify where it is located and some washrooms also have a Cleen Tablet to enable customers to leave a review without a phone.

Users can either compliment accessible and clean washrooms or post feedback on issues such as the need to refresh soap supplies or toilet paper.

The reviews are easy to post by clicking different icons and users can even upload photographs to support their review.  These can then be viewed by other Cleen App users.

The NEC has its own Cleen Dashboard which is a complete washroom management tool.  This enables the venue to have immediate access to the Cleen App reviews so that it can take action and directly respond to customer feedback.

Among the washrooms listed on the Cleen App is the NEC’s second Changing Places fully-accessible washroom for people with disabilities which has been installed in the Piazza.

Changing Places washrooms are larger than standard facilities to accommodate a wheelchair user and their carer and includes equipment such as height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, ceiling hoist and height adjustable washbasin.

HSG has teamed up with the Changing Places Consortium which campaigns for the facilities across the UK and the Cleen App includes a dedicated review section for users to share good and bad reviews of the specially-adapted washrooms.

Steve Cartmell, Group FM Contract Support Manager explained: “With upwards of 2.4 million visitors coming through our doors each year, we are committed to providing all of our customers with the very best experience possible.

“Working with HSG on our washroom provisions has been an easy and effective way to help meet our sustainability commitments and helps us on our way to achieving a greener world.

“HSG was one of the first companies to support NEC Sustain which is our all-encompassing environmental programme that has been trailblazing the sustainability cause for a decade. It is constantly growing and adapting to meet the needs of our changing world.

“We are delighted to now be at the forefront of Cleen.  The Cleen App and Cleen Dashboard, alongside the introduction of another Changing Places toilet, will further enhance our offer to visitors to ensure that they can alert us if there are any issues we need to deal with quickly.

“We believe in setting and maintaining the highest standards across our venue and this is another example of how we are always striving to exceed customer expectations.”

HSG Managing Director Simon Rice continued: “Yet again, the NEC is at the forefront of the hospitality industry and has demonstrated their real commitment to providing customers and visitors with high quality washroom facilities.

“The NEC were an early adopter of the Ureco system and their demonstrable commitment to water conservation has been a major factor in encouraging other businesses and venues across the UK to follow their lead and adopt the Ureco in their own washrooms.

“Now, Cleen will enable the NEC to monitor, address and promote their washroom facilities which are an important of the customer experience – especially for those with disabilities or additional needs.”

For more information about the Ureco system, please visit and for information on Cleen, visit or search the app store in Apple or Android.


NEC Continues Support For Innovation