Metal roof recoating: how to get it right first time

Metal roof recoating: how to get it right first time

As a property landlord or building owner, you have a huge responsibility to your tenants and occupiers to provide a safe place for them to live or work.

You need the property to be secure both internally and externally, free from damages that cause both short and long term problems. One way to maintain your building responsibly and effectively is with a roof refurbishment.

This recently refurbished large retail unit in Leicester needed to look welcoming and inviting with a polished shopfront to encourage shoppers to visit. Located in such a prominent location close to the King Power Football Stadium, the refurbishment on the former Poundstretcher needed to be completed to the highest standard so that the property was ready for the new occupants, B&M. Both a roof and wall refurbishment works were carried out to this unit.

Why is metal roof cladding important?

As a property owner or landlord, you’ll know a well-maintained roof is vital to keep your building and its contents safe. Yet your metal roof cladding has a restricted lifespan. Over time, the cladding begins to wear, whether due to damage from the elements, your property’s location (for example, close to the coast or foliage), or simply ageing through the years.

When this happens, your cracked and corroded metal roof cladding needs to be recoated or refurbished to restore it to its former condition. It’s best to identify this problem as quickly as possible. Ideally, this would be part of your standard property maintenance checks, conducted by a cladding expert. This way, you’ll stop the issue in its tracks and cladding repair will be possible.

However, if you notice a problem, and it’s too late for repair work, there are options available to you. When roof cladding deterioration is severe, extensive repair work may be possible to rectify the problem. If the damage is too severe, metal cladding replacement may be necessary.

On this retail unit cut edge corrosion had already started to appear at the sheet edges and around fixings.

What can be done to repair damaged roof cladding?

Though cladding replacement is an option for badly damaged roofs and walls, it is typically a more costly and time-consuming process. Therefore, it makes sense for your property safety and maintenance budget to carefully consider the services of a cladding coatings and maintenance contractor before it’s too late.

There are many roof cladding refurbishment options available. An expert is best placed to advise you which is the right one for your property based on an assessment of its condition. Yet one common issue you may find is cut-edge corrosion. Here, the metal cladding sheeting peels back, causing significant weaknesses in the structure and allowing the elements to enter your property. To repair this, industry-leading watertight systems are applied, with fibre reinforcement tape used for additional strength.

If your roof is cracked and corroded, you need it recoating so it can safely withstand the heavy impact of weather and debris. Heavy-duty paint systems with high anti-corrosion properties are applied with one single coat, with great moisture tolerance so they can be installed in heavy rainfall.

How can you get it right first time?

Even the most efficient roof cladding coating project will incur some expense and disruption. To minimise this, and to make sure the work is conducted correctly to meet your health and safety obligations, it pays to get a professional contractor to do it right first time.

This commercial cladding refurbishment project required careful project management as the team were working on a busy retail park where there were members of the public nearby. This was no issue for the Cladding Coatings team as they are used to working and adapting to their surroundings and circumstances. Our fully accredited team always adhere to the latest health and safety to ensure everybody’s safety on site.

Working on a busy site with a nearby car showroom and a car park full of cars, care needed to be taken to ensure that there was no overspray of paint when completing onsite spraying. Our use of dryfall paints ensures there is no overspray. We work closely with our client on any refurbishment project to ensure minimal disruption to everyone onsite, including neighbouring businesses.

Cladding coating and external building repair and refurbishment experts use trusted paint systems from industry-leading suppliers, with proven high-performance properties for a smooth and thoroughly protected finish. Their application methods are tried and tested, with work backed by nationwide client testimonials and guarantees, so you know you’re in safe hands.

At Cladding Coatings, we’re building maintenance experts with decades of extensive experience working with property owners and landlords across the country. We’re approved installers of the leading cladding coating paint systems, with all our work backed by a minimum ten-year guarantee. Discover how we can restore your roof cladding by calling us today on 0161 626 3493. Visit for more details.


Metal roof recoating: how to get it right first time