Meon explore floor markings and your facility

Meon explore floor markings and your facility

Can you imagine walking outside to find there were no line or surface markings, an absence of signs or direction, and the chaos this would result in?

Neither can we…

We’re all aware of just how critical these markings are to ensure safe and organised transport worldwide, and are something we all absentmindedly use daily, so why should we treat our facilities any different? With over 2.1 billion square foot of warehousing in use, throughout the UK as of 2017, it is crucial they are not only running at maximum productivity but also as safely as possible!

How floor markings benefit a facility and the business

Floor markings are used to meet important needs of facilities, they help to:

  • Clearly mark safe walkways, aisles and hazardous areas.
  • Provide direction to improve traffic flow.
  • Define loading and unloading bays.
  • Mark inventory storage areas.

Both large and small companies can benefit from floor markings, whilst large companies are likely to have more traffic within the facilities, smaller companies may have a more complex layout. In both cases it improves the facilities organisation, safety, efficiency, and productivity.

The potential for injury creates a dangerous situation for warehouse workers and a huge financial cost for the business due to worker’s compensation claims, downtime, staff absence due to injury, and training costs for temporary or permanent replacements. Adding the right lines and signs will help keep people safely within their correct working areas, remind them of hazards and reduce the risk of collisions, injuries, and other accidents.

For more information on line marking in warehouses and how to improve LEAN management within your facility, please download our FREE white paper.

Different types of line markings

Whether you should be using a line marking paint or tape will completely depend on each individual application. If your facility is a manufacturing plant, a factory with stationary heavy machinery, or a warehouse with permanent areas such as loading bays or pedestrian walkways, line marking paint may be the best choice. Similarly, public areas such as large showrooms would also benefit from using paints and coatings as they carry a more professional, polished look.

Meon have recently launched two new innovative marking solutions, SureStripe and FloorCote, available in water-based versions specifically designed for internal markings in facilities. Not only are they low odour, but also have excellent resistance to chemicals, water, oils, greases and mechanical abrasion. This makes them perfect for line marking in warehouses.

If the space within your facility is more fluid, and things tend to regularly move around, floor marking tape may be a better option to enable you to easily make the changes as they are needed.

Now, whilst you may have decided which solution will work best in your facility, you will still need to pick your colours. The colour you choose will depend on the function the area is being used for. Some common colours and the reasons the uses they are associated with are:

  • Yellow – Caution.
  • Red – Danger, stop.
  • Green – Safety.
  • White – Production.

Benefits of using a line marking machine

Line marking machines are a great investment, especially if you often find yourself needing to apply or refresh line markings within your warehouse or facility. Not only do they make line marking applications quicker and more efficient, they also help to save costs as they minimise paint wastage as well as reducing labour requirements.

We favour an airless paint sprayer, like the Graco ES1000. Some of the biggest benefits of using this machine are:

  • Uniform coverage – Spraying gives a consistent quality finish, even over rough surfaces both the colour and thickness stay consistent.
  • Time saving – Airless spray is at least 4 times faster than roller applications.
  • Efficient use of paint – Line marking machines are designed to use paint efficiently, helping you save paint supplies and reduce costs.
  • Noise, fume and vibration free.

At Meon we don’t just provide a machine, we also offer training and technical support, so you can rest assured that your team have the right knowledge and skills for the job at hand.

In-house floor marking

Bringing your floor marking in-house will mean you are able to carry out any maintenance to the surface coatings or line markings in your warehouse, or facility, as and when they are needed. The rate at which the marking will need refreshing will depend on the traffic in that area. Whilst one area may need refreshing every year, another area may be able to go over 2 years before it needs any maintenance. Having this functionality in-house means that you have complete control and flexibility over your surface maintenance and any urgent markings that need to be carried out.

Here at Meon we understand just how important having a LEAN facility is and are dedicated to helping you. Meon has worked over the past 20+ years to help set up many corporate sites with equipment, products, training, and technical support to achieve a perfectly delineated facility.

We have recently published a FREE white paper on LEAN management, as well as this year releasing a product range specifically for internal line marking and floor surfacing!

If you would like to discuss bringing your floor marking

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Meon explore floor markings and your facility