How to effectively protect your site from thefts worth thousands

How to effectively protect your site from thefts worth thousands

It has recently been reported that thousands of pounds worth of tools were stolen from a building site in Bridge of Weir. Two men were spotted on CCTV getting out of a van and removing fencing, subsequently stealing a reversable plate compactor, thought to be worth around £2,000, and a road saw worth £1,000. Despite security measures being in place, namely CCTV and fencing, these culprits were able to access the site at a potential detriment to the project’s profitability. If anything is to be learnt from this, it’s that CCTV alone does not suffice – but what more can be done to protect a site from theft?

Every project manager will of course want to protect their site, team and end-results, especially during this period of unprecedented uncertainty. The industry has been shaken and thefts have become increasingly pertinent over recent months; for your site to be sufficiently protected, more needs to be done. This need not be a daunting task; security is not an overwhelming feat. With guidance, every site can be stringently and comprehensively protected.

My name is Kai Stok and as the founder of Stok K9 Security Services, a leading provider of security services for construction projects across the UK, I have experience in creating well-rounded security strategies. Designed to effectively prevent thefts, our services are reliable and effective. To help you achieve this, I have outlined my top tips below:

  1. Start with the basics, think CCTV.

When you think about security measures, your mind inevitably drifts to the use of CCTV. Creating invaluable recordings across your site, capturing any potential criminality for later use, CCTV is, undoubtedly, of utmost importance. However, whilst CCTV might sound simple it’s not an investment you can afford to simplify nor underestimate; CCTV systems come in all shapes and sizes, demonstrating varying degrees of quality. If you want your CCTV system to be efficient then you need to consider a range of factors.

Firstly, consider whether you’re working with cutting edge technology; new CCTV cameras are constantly being designed, improving upon previous models. For example, their pixilation will constantly improve, they’ll become increasingly weather resistant and more. At Stok K9 Security Services we proactively embrace new technology, providing our clients with the very best. A prime example of optimal CCTV software is cameras’ ability to detect movement and zoom-in/re-align, creating more specific and useful recordings.

Similarly, it’s important that you consider why you’re investing in CCTV cameras and their subsequent placement. Where possible, install CCTV cameras in sheltered areas, avoiding your footage being tarnished by the ravages of British weather. Ensure they cover any high-risk entrance/exit routes.

Finally, consider whether your CCTV cameras are connected to a team of security personnel. CCTV is fantastic, but you don’t want for it to only satisfy the glory of hindsight. It’s important that you’re able to address potential thieves should they make it onto your site.

  1. Embrace the benefits of dog security.

Dog security is all-too often overlooked within the construction industry; many assume that the dogs aren’t cared for, or that their abilities don’t equate to the advantages of technology-driven solutions. This is far from the truth. Security dogs undergo extensive and ongoing monthly training; from bite work to agility, obedience training and more, qualified dogs adhere with strict BS8517-1 standards. They are professional, instinctive and their unique senses are incomparable to technology; they are uniquely able to detect risks where we are not, whilst they act as both a deterrent and a tool by which you can respond to criminality in real-time.

It’s also important to note that security dogs are accompanied by trained handlers. By choosing to embrace dog security, you naturally equip your site with the experience and skills of trained dogs and guards, creating an incredibly powerful deterrent which promises to discourage even the most determined of trespassers.

  1. Ensure your team are sufficiently trained.

As with security dogs, it’s vital that all security personnel are sufficiently trained. You must be able to trust these individuals to fulfil their purpose, successfully protecting your site(s) from external risks. For example, our manned guards are SIA licensed officers, screened in accordance with BS7868 – this should always be a necessity.

Meanwhile, consider whether you would like for your guards to be uniformed. In our experience, uniforms are very effective, unquestionably demonstrating your guards’ authority.

  1. Consider the unique requirements of your site.

Every construction site has unique requirements; from the size of your site to its location, the value of your equipment and the number of employees who work on your premises, there are a number of factors which should be considered when creating a comprehensive security strategy.

If your site is particularly large then you will need to invest in comparatively more security measures. For example, you’ll likely require a higher number of CCTV cameras and more frequent patrols around your site. Similarly, if your site is in a high-risk area then you ought to consider which measures will be most effective; if thefts are frequent within the local community, then I would suggest harnessing the authority of dog security and manned guarding.

I would also like to emphasise the importance in continuously re-evaluating your security strategies. The industry, economic climate and national crime rates are constantly changing, meaning the ways by which you protect your site should naturally evolve. This will help to ensure that your security measures act as a long-term, worthwhile investment.

If your cameras’ quality begins to deteriorate, speak with your security service providers, or local advisers, about which new software would be an appropriate replacement. Should your manned guards benefit from further support, transition from manned guarding to dog security. Your security measures should not be static.

  1. Work with credible service providers.

If you decide to utilise the expertise of security service providers then it’s crucial that you only work with reputable businesses who stringently vet their guards, provide consistent, ongoing training, advise appropriately and genuinely understand the construction landscape. It’s also important that they’re able to be adaptable, adjusting your security services in conjunction with your business’ ever-changing needs.

At Stok K9 Security Services we are always willing to adjust our patrol frequency, strategies and services to adhere with your preferences. Security is a sensitive and important thing to get right, you don’t want to invest in services which prove to put your construction site, or profits, at risk. Do your research, ask as many questions as you can and find a partner you can trust.

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How to effectively protect your site from thefts worth thousands