Former Apprentice star makes it to parliament to discuss women in construction

Former Apprentice star makes it to parliament to discuss women in construction

In the latest move of her ongoing campaign, Michaela Wain has spoken at the distinguished House of Lords to elevate the topic of gender inequality within construction.

At a luncheon hosted by Lord Deben and sponsored by R&D tax relief experts, RCK Partners, Wain spoke to attendees at the annual Forum of the Built Environment about the disparities between men and women within the construction industry, and how more companies to attract and retain more women in construction.

After her departure from the show and the subsequent wave of support from viewers across the country, Bolton-based Wain used her newly elevated platform to continue her message of equality within construction, an industry with notable gender disparities. Statistics from mid-2020 reveal over six times more men were employed in the UK construction industry than women.

Having already run her successful ‘Design & Build UK’ marketing magazine for several years, Wain then implemented her flagship ‘Women in Construction Awards’ as a mainstay of the mag; highlighting the crucial and equally important work that women undertake in the industry around the country via nominations from friends and co-workers.

She also added ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ as one of the magazine’s core editorial themes to ensure that stories surrounding minorities and other lesser heard voices in the industry always had a place to speak.

With the awards and the Design & Build UK brand gaining major traction as a platform for gender equality, Wain took her commitments to women in construction even further when she partnered with the National Federation of Builders (NFB) to create the ‘Women in Construction: Roadmap for Industry’ initiative which addresses the barriers that the sector currently has for women, and the actions required to overcome them.

With her foot now firmly in the door as an ambassador for equality in construction, Wain has set her sights even higher. Working with City & Guilds, she plans to work on an accreditation that will allow for both online and onsite training which will then result in a prestigious CSCS qualification, something highly sought after from construction employers.

Despite the dozens of success stories highlighted in the Women in Construction Awards and higher awareness for gender equality within the industry, there are still significant gaps in employment between men and women.

Statistics from the GMB Union reveal that only one in eight (12.5%) construction workers are women, and although more and more diverse roles are entering the varied offsite roles within the industry especially, there are estimates that it will take a matter of centuries for gender equality to be achieved.

To know more about the women in construction roadmap and the barriers needed to address within Women in Construction, visit the Design & Build UK website.


Former Apprentice star makes it to parliament to discuss women in construction