Data Management: Case Study

Data Management: Case Study

Notting Hill Genesis

Key numbers

  • 100,000+ people living in a Notting Hill Genesis home
  • 2,900+ registered customers
  • 800+ repair requests logged and actioned


As one of the UK’s leading housing associations, Notting Hill Genesis owns or manages around 33K homes across London and eastern England. Their stock portfolio includes a range of properties, from temporary housing to rented homes, homes for sale and supported housing. At any given time, there are 100K people living in a Notting Hill Genesis home. Due to the lack of a comprehensive customer data system, Notting Hill Genesis didn’t have correct contact information, no less other important information, such as service needs and payment preferences, for half of their residents. Because of this, customer outreach, maintenance, service and financial management was fragmented and incomplete.

Notting Hill Genesis had the following business initiatives:

  • Improve the customer and stock portfolio data quality across the multiple applications within the organization, in order to reduce the cost and effort during correspondence with customers.
  • Enable real-time data integration across the major applications, and ensure that data across these applications was consistent and accurate.
  • Integrate additional applications within the environment when required, and decommission applications when no longer required.
  • Resident access to services will be digital by default.


  • Notting Hill Genesis has a data integration hub to simplify their solution architecture, which incorporates IoT, big data and mobile applications. This includes:

o Real-time messaging

o Data quality

o Information security

o Intelligence

  • Increased transactions enabled Notting Hill Genesis to renegotiate fees for financial transactions, and they increased revenue by £250K
  • Notting Hill Genesis had a qualitative reduction of in-bound phone calls, as residents started to switch to digital channels
  • Notting Hill Genesis has an ease of tracking properties nearing maintenance/re-certification
  • Notting Hill Genesis has improved asset management and customer service satisfaction as there is now a better understanding of customers
  • Notting Hill Genesis’ data integration hub sets the stage for more agile development and IoT integration


NGDATA created a complete data integration hub for Notting Hill Genesis. We were able to improve the organization’s data quality, within the main business applications, by performing a detailed analysis. This enabled Notting Hill Genesis to be able to identify issues within the customer data, and create intelligent business rules and apply them to correcting the data. To ensure that the data remained consistent and accurate, our solution included the automation of cleansing inaccurate customer data and track, and provided dashboard (scorecards) which could be governed by the different business areas. Notting Hill Genesis required data from the legacy applications to populate a mobile app that could be used by both customers and staff. This data included the details of properties, location, tenancy, transactions, etc. NGDATA rapidly designed and developed an automated integration solution that enabled the information to be made available to the app with minimal manual interference. Due to the data quality processes that had previously been developed, the data within the app could be relied upon to be accurate and consistent.


Data Management: Case Study