CCTV: An Essential Security Component In Facilities Management

CCTV: An Essential Security Component In Facilities ManagementDark building with security cameras looking around

Superior Surveillance To Monitor Your Premises

Theft prevention is an important task for facility managers. Use contemporary CCTV to keep your assets protected.

With news that the police are putting less resources into charging thieves, building owners and facility managers will need to take extra care to ensure that their premises are not the target of a future robbery. The former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Lord Stevens has called the latest figure ‘a perfect storm’ following news that the chances of a thief being caught and charged have halved from 10.8% in 2015 to 5.4% today. Facilities managers have a host of security options available to them to safeguard their buildings, assets and occupants, but one of the most important is the use of CCTV.

Surveillance Cameras For Your Interior

Unfortunately, theft isn’t always caused by someone breaking into your building. Particularly in a largescale facility, you need to take precautions to monitor the interior of your property too so that you’re able to view the activity of employees and authorised visitors to your building. By placing CCTV cameras in stairwells, lifts, along corridors, covering access points to high security zones and monitoring your ground level entrance and fire escapes, you can ensure that you have the entire building under a watchful eye. Modern CCTV systems are not just set up to capture footage to be reviewed at a later date if a security event occurs. The cameras can be watched in real time so that you’re able to respond to any incidents, or raise the alarm for the local authorities to attend your site asap.

CCTV Outside Your Building

Visible CCTV cameras outside of a building are rated the top deterrent when burglars are considering a break-in. A panel of convicted burglars who were interviewed by Co-Op Insurance reported that being filmed carrying out a robbery would be too great a risk for them, so they would move on to another premises instead. Facilities managers should incorporate a mix of visible surveillance cameras to act as a useful deterrent, whilst also including some ‘hidden’ CCTV cameras too which might be useful in capturing the actions of someone who doesn’t realise they’re being filmed. For example, those scoping out the building whilst planning an attack can be stopped in their tracks if hidden surveillance is in play.

Modern Technology

Essex CCTV supplier All Security Solutions, explains that there have been incredible advances in surveillance technology in recent years. Remote CCTV is a popular option so long as the facilities you’re managing have current broadband access, whilst HD Analogue and IP CCTV provide your team with ultra HD detail which is perfect when organising the surveillance of a large plot. If you utilise the features of a 4K IP CCTV package for example, which could cover either your interior or exterior environments, this has the capability of zooming in to provide excellent closeups of faces or number plates which could be essential for facility managers in an investigation.

If your current premises are lacking in the most contemporary security methods, then it’s time to take action and invest in CCTV as a priority. Remember too, that if your facilities have recently expanded, then even if you have a good surveillance package in place, you may need to review its scope to ensure that you’re providing coverage for the entire environment.


CCTV: An Essential Security Component In Facilities Management