Body worn cameras proven to protect staff and ensure best practice is followed

Body worn cameras proven to protect staff and ensure best practice is followed

Body Worn Cameras are becoming increasingly prevalent in the construction sector, as more companies realise their worth in terms of security, training and ensuring that best practice is followed.

Edesix’s Body Worn Cameras (BWC), are extremely hard-wearing meaning they can easily withstand the rigours of a construction environment, whilst providing a visible deterrent to aggression. These wearable cameras capture evidential footage of verbal or physical abuse, act as proof to refute claims of misconduct and enhance the feeling of safety for staff and members of the public. In the construction sector BWCs have been used to ensure that tasks have been done to the standard and specifications required and that all health and safety guidelines have been followed. Footage can also be used to protect goods and services, refute false claims, potentially help with insurance costs and ultimately improve efficiency as they prove that contracted work has been undertaken. Edesix’s solution can also manage multiple sites or large estates.

Protection of staff:

Body Worn Cameras provide two-fold protection to staff – firstly, members of the public naturally change and moderate their behaviour for the better when they realise they are being recorded, or might be recorded – but importantly those cameras can then be used, when needed, to record evidential quality footage to secure convictions, or to uphold the account of staff in the event of a complaint or incident.

Studies examining the use of BWCs show they make a real difference in protecting frontline staff and the public. Not only do they deter aggression and in many cases, eliminate the need to activate a panic alarm or radio during an incident, but they also help staff feel valued, safe and more protected.

In order to deliver the benefits expected, a BWC system must be simple to deploy, simple to manage and simple to use; the BWC is a tool for the user to protect themselves or provide evidence of tasks completed – but it isn’t the focus of their job, nor should it be. It is essential these devices are easy to use and easy to deploy with minimal training. Equally, the back-office management suite needs to be secure and able to deliver court-admissible evidence packages.

Wearable Cameras:

Edesix’s flagship product is the VideoBadge VB-300. Its simple operation, footage encryption and wire-free design make it extremely versatile and suitable for all types of users and applications. The VB-300 is wi-fi enabled and easily attaches to a uniform or to lightweight clothing using a variety of mounting options. The devices are robust, weatherproof and easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. Site workers can activate recording quickly via a single large button to calm aggressors, record a possible incident, or to simply provide recorded footage of a completed task.

All Edesix BWCs feature overt recording indicators, notifying people whenever recording is activated. They are also easy to use with no formal training required and are capable of recording for an entire shift (up to 14hrs). Utilising the EdgeController, lone workers can wear, charge, and offload footage from their camera without having to return to a central base or head office.

In addition to the VideoBadge range of BWCs, Edesix has introduced the VideoTag VT-50 Incident Recorder. This first of its kind device offers up to 3 months of standby battery life, which is perfect for those who wish to wear a security camera daily, but have less frequent recording demands. The VT-50 is the lightest and smallest of all Edesix cameras, and can stream live footage whilst recording locally in HD to the device.

All Edesix VideoBadges come with the corresponding web-based VideoManager software which offers a secure, scalable and intuitive system for managing both devices and videos. The software is designed to control and manage cameras, their footage, and footage from other sources if required, in a simple but highly-efficient and secure manner. Only authorised users can log on to view, edit and share footage which considerably reduces the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. In addition, every Edesix body worn camera is encrypted so videos can only be downloaded at PCs or docking stations containing specific encryption keys.

Integrate CCTV:

ONStream, Edesix’s new camera streaming gateway software, enhances the scope and effectiveness of CCTV cameras by seamlessly integrating them with body worn video. This enables organisations to unify a site’s security and monitoring system, and create mobile and first-person viewpoints and add contextual detail to footage.

This new software enables ONVIF compliant Video Management systems to be compatible with Edesix body cameras, streamlining the management of footage for users. Cameras integrate seamlessly with VideoManager and leading CCTV Video Management Systems, meaning captured footage can be instantly shared and viewed by security staff. BWCs can often offer an alternate viewpoint to an incident, and can cover the areas of your site that static IP cameras cannot.


Body worn cameras proven to protect staff and ensure best practice is followed