Biophilia makes your building more desirable to clients and their staff

Biophilia makes your building more desirable to clients and their staff

plants@work Leaf award winners show how it’s done

Biophilia has been a buzz word for sometime but it comes with evidence that it makes a difference to the occupants of your building. The definition of this word ensures our innate contact with nature is fulfilled and includes plants, views of nature outside, good natural light and other natural materials.

In particular, clients concerned about health and wellbeing can immediately see the benefits as plants help reduce absenteeism, clean the air, reduce stress and improve productivity.

Leaf Awards of Excellence

plants@work’s Leaf award winning companies understand how to add biophilia to premises large or small. As evidence, last Thursday a new batch of 40 Leaf awards were awarded for installation and maintenance planting projects at various sites around the UK. These varied from office buildings to hotels and shopping centres.

Best in Category

This year three ‘Best in Category’ additional awards were made. These were made for the Best Design & Installation Interior Project, the Best Green Wall Design & Installation (outdoor) Project and for the Best Maintenance Project.

Best Design & Installation Interior Project

This was won by Indoor Garden Design for their design and installation at Kobalt Music. The installation was a mixture of matching floor-standing and desk-top containers in neutral shades: natural, anthracite and grey. Large architectural plants filled the floor-standing pots while the desk-top bowls were filled with mixed complementary planting.

Judge Greg Redwood commented that the design was stylish and exceptionally well executed including matching plants to planters.

Best Green Wall Design & Installation (outdoor) Project

This was awarded to Biotecture Ltd for their green wall installation at Veolia RERF in Leeds. The green wall, made from 6,500 wall panels, varies from 14m to 26 m in height. The planting provides a significant contribution to the local biodiversity of the surrounding landscape. Native, wild-life friendly planting to the tune of 110,000 plants, many of them evergreen, give year-round coverage. The wall also houses habitat boxes for wild life.

Rob Sterling, the visiting judge, commented that the scale of this wall is breathtaking. It perfectly reflects the eco-friendly function of the recycling and energy recovery centre that it covers.

Best Maintenance Project

This award was also won by Indoor Garden Design for their care of the planting at UBS where there is over 100 metres of planting over 12 floors. Caring for this site requires one technician to be in attendance here six days in every fortnight.

Again judge Greg Redwood found the project in immaculate condition with all plants looking very healthy and clean.

plants@work members once again lead the way in interior planting and green walls to bring the outside in and to create great biophilic spaces.


Biophilia makes your building more desirable to clients and their staff