Advertising in Qube

Advertising in Qube
Advertising in the digital qube magazine is simple and straight forward with support all the way from the design* of your advert to dealing with the responses you receive.Advertising Rates
Double page spread1 Issue £250, 3 Issues £700, 6 Issues £1275
Full page1 Issue £150, 3 Issues £400, 6 Issues £750
1/2 page portrait1 Issue £80, 3 Issues £200, 6 Issues £375
1/2 page landscape1 Issue £80, 3 Issues £200, 6 Issues £375
1/4 page standard1 Issue £50, 3 Issues £120, 6 Issues £210
1/4 page landscape1 Issue £50, 3 Issues £120, 6 Issues £210
Special Positions
Logo on Front Cover = £150

Inside Front Cover = £200
Page 3 = £250

Directories/Classified Ads
E-directory listing£100 for 10 issues

Regular£150 for 10 issues
Large£250 for 10 issues

Discount Packages for ROP advertising
3 issue run = 20% discount
5 issue run = 22% discount
10 issue run = 25% discount

Contact us if you would like to discuss the options available, see contact us page.

Double page spread – Size: Type area 400mm x 278 Bleed XxY 426mm x 303 Trim 420mm x 297
Full page Size: Type area 190mm x 267 Bleed XxY 216mm x 303 Trim 210mm x 297
1/2 page portrait Size: Type area 90mm x 267
1/2 page landscape – Size: Type area 190mm x 130
1/4 page standard – Size: Type area 90mm x 130
1/4 page landscape – Size: Type area 190mm x 62
Directories/Classified Ads
Regular – Size: 43mm x 43
Large – Size: 93mm x 43

Software formats accepted

Quark-XPress up to version 10, Photoshop up to version 10.0.
Graphic files – TIFF, BMP, JPEG, EPS, PDF & PSD.
Text files – Word, Word Perfect, Word Pro, TXT & ASCII.
Media accepted
e-mail, CD-ROM, 31/2″ floppy
Cancellations for series advertising must be confirmed in writing two weeks before publication date. We regret that without written cancellation, we must charge the full cost of advertising originally agreed.

Agency commission
Agency commission will be discounted at a rate of 10% when agreed in advance of publication.

Billing and Payment
All rates are quoted net of VAT. Terms are 30 days from date of invoice or overseas charges to be paid prior to publication. Failure to pay on time may result in the forfeit of any series discounts agreed and may also incur interest charges.
*Advert design services are subject to charges at the current rates. Quotations for work are available on request prior to commencement of work required.

Email Sponsorship Banner Ads
included to the right of the email Body including clickable links

Ad Box 160 x 80 Pixels
1 Issue £75, 3 Issues £200, 6 Issues £350

Ad Box 160 x 160 Pixels
1 Issue £100, 3 Issues £275, 6 Issues £500

This option includes static images, animated gifs or flash if required.

About the digital issue:
Started in September 2007 Qube was one of the pioneering fm magazines, leading the way in the electronic age with their first digital issue. Sustainability is a very big issue in many industries and the printed publications get a lot of stick about their sustainable credentials. With this in mind and also mindful that we cannot stand still we looked for other ways to increase our circulation and improve our services to our readers and clients alike – the new digital issue was born and over the coming weeks, months even years, we will continue to develop this medium alongside our printed publication to offer a wider range of opportunities and services as well as an increasing amount of information and support.

Free to subscribe the magazine received over 2000 subscriptions in its first three months. A slow and steady growth throughout 2008 has enabled us to grow to over 20000 email notices sent as at Dec 08. An automatic management system takes care of the subscriptions and the unsubscribes or bouncebacks and is further supported by monthly manual checks and alterations to ensure the data is as accurate as possible.

With new collaborations with associations as well as the steady subscription requests we are expecting good growth for the future and will keep you informed.

If you would like to receive the digital issue free in your inbox each month Click The Button at the top of the page and follow the instructions. Its as simple as that.