Editorial Opportunities

Editorial: News & Feature entries

To book your space:
Please email invoice details and Purchase Order number if required, plus your chosen entry type to shirley@qubeonline.co.uk.

Editorial options include:

News entries:
Included in the front of the magazine plus in the news section of the website and linked from the digital magazine email-newsletter.
Full Release – £50 + VAT per entry

Feature Article:
Included in the middle section of the magazine plus in the features section of the website and linked from the digital magazine email-newsletter.
Single Page £150 + VAT per entry – 500 to 700 words plus images
Double Page £280 + VAT per entry – 1000 to 1200 words plus images
NOTE: Informative non-advertorial articles will be considered for use if suitable on a free commissioned to suit basis so please feel free to forward synopses to editor@qubeonline.co.uk

Cancellations for series advertising must be confirmed in writing two weeks before publication date. We regret that without written cancellation, we must charge the full cost of advertising originally agreed.

Agency commission
Agency commission will be discounted at a rate of 10% when agreed in advance of publication.

Billing and Payment
All rates are quoted net of VAT.

Terms are 30 days from date of invoice or overseas charges to be paid prior to publication. Failure to pay on time may result in the forfeit of any series discounts agreed and may also incur interest charges.

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The E-Zine Background
Qube magazine started in 2000 but the digital issue started in September 2007 at which time Qube was one of the most pioneering fm magazines, leading the way in the electronic age with their first digital issue. Sustainability is a very big issue in many industries and the printed publications get a lot of stick about their sustainable credentials. With this in mind and also mindful that we cannot stand still we looked for other ways to increase our circulation and improve our services to our readers and clients alike – the new digital issue was born and over the coming months and years, we will continue to develop this medium to offer a wider range of opportunities and services as well as an increasing amount of information and support.

The latest changes see the website re-built and fully responsive for use on all devices. Distribution has grown far beyond our expectations and the extrta support from the site and new online activities is set to increase recognition throughout the coming months.

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