ISM’s Ultimate digital/IP audio System door entry technology helps local authority win major industry award

ISM’s Ultimate digital/IP audio System door entry technology helps local authority win major industry award

A state-of-the art, telephone-based door entry system from Intergrated Security Manufacturing (ISM), a leader in the design and development of security management and access control technologies, has helped a local social housing project in Crawley to scoop an important industry award.

Brunel Place in Northgate received the top prize in the ‘Best Social or Affordable New Housing Development’ category of the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) South East awards. The awards recognise high levels of compliance with building regulations, outstanding craftsmanship, sustainability and performance. They also recognise technical innovation.

The Ultimate Digital/IP audio system is a robust, vandal resistant solution. The Ultimate solution has been designed in order to make installation as simple as possible. There are four standard build options which all include power supplies, electronically isolated components and the ability to programme the system from their laptop using the tools programme provided.

The simplicity of wiring makes the cost of installation much less than other systems.

The ongoing maintenance costs were also considered and in doing so ISM have warranted the Ultimate solution for 5 years and more importantly there is a guaranteed availability of components and spares for a further 10 years.

Barnaby Jones from Crawley Borough Council, says: “Working with ISM gives local authorities like Crawley and housing associations the broadest range of solutions from which to choose, one size does not have to fit all. Ultimate can be made-to-measure when required”.

The exchanges all work on the same principal in that each exchange can accept up to six 3000/16DC cards and each of these cards can connect to sixteen instruments (handset, intercom panel, disabled refuge unit, digital I/O card etc.) thereby having the ability to connect up to 96 instruments per exchange. The exchanges can be connected together over an Ethernet network to build larger systems.

Comprising 22 flats, Brunel Place was completed at the end of March 2015 by Osborne Construction in partnership with Crawley Borough Council as part of the council’s affordable housing scheme. The Scheme has now been put forward for the awards’ grand final in November.