External cladding refurbishment

External cladding refurbishment

By Cladding Coatings, trusted experts in transportation building maintenance

Over time, it is inevitable that a building’s exterior will begin to show signs of deterioration. From everyday use and wear to heavy weathering from the elements, the façade often becomes both aesthetically and operationally damaged. Consequently, the image of company professionalism is also affected.

Specialist, cladding application projects cover a breath of building types, with a number of recent extensive assignments taking place across the transportation sector at logistic warehouses, distribution centres and car showrooms. These units encounter such high levels of daily usage from footfall, large vehicles and industrial equipment that, inevitably, they require frequent repair and restoration of their exteriors to retain functionality and a professional image.

The transportation sector: frequent facility damage

A number of issues commonly affect the exteriors of facilities used across the transportation sector. Machinery and heavy traffic at haulage and distribution units naturally results in substantial wear and tear. This includes damage to metal cladding, such as on roller shutter doors, where heavy and frequent handling results in visible wear. Additionally, cut-edge corrosion is a common complaint; when it rusts and decays, cracks occur that may result in leaks. This is a significant problem, particularly when the building holds vehicles and other high-value items.

Maintenance, therefore, is vital. As experts in the sector, Cladding Coatings have completed various recent projects to repair and renew building exteriors.

Arthur Spriggs: professional, colour-matched coating

Prominent haulage and distribution firm Arthur Spriggs approached Cladding Coatings requiring repair works to their Tewkesbury facilities. Long established, the company needed a polished building façade to match their professional reputation. Preparation work ensured that the exterior cladding and gutters were clean, and that any worn sealant was removed and replaced. The cladding was then sprayed with Dacrylate – a thin oil-based paint that dries incredibly quickly – in a colour specifically chosen to match the Arthur Spriggs brand.

Motorpoint: restoration and shopfront spraying

As the UK’s leading car supermarket, Motorpoint’s showrooms need to be both polished and inviting to the potential customer. Unfortunately, the building secured for the company’s eighth showroom had been derelict for a number of years; as such, extensive repair work was required ahead of the grand opening. Once the old signage was removed, the extent of the refurbishment required became clear. However, Cladding Coating’s specialist storefront spraying team could restore the building’s exterior, matching Motorpoint’s iconic blue brand colour.

Tuffnells: full exterior colour brand-matching

When Tuffnells Parcel Express acquired a site previously owned by a competitor, the distribution set up was already ideal. However, it was imperative that the exterior colours were quickly changed from the previous occupier’s branding; therefore, despite minimal necessary repair work, a full rebrand was required. This included changing the exterior colours of the metal wall cladding, fascia and loading doors to the company’s colour: Dublin Green.

Cladding wrapping: specialist, efficient application

Traditionally, companies have been faced with only a few options for building façade refurbishment, and replacement is often unnecessary for facilities, such as Tuffnells Parcel Express’ new distribution site, where the structure is sound. In these cases, cladding wrapping, a service newly offered by Cladding Coatings, is ideal. Used for sensitive buildings such as car showrooms, where rebranding through fast application is important, cladding wrapping is the process of covering existing cladding with specialist multi-layered film. No painting is required, nor therefore is there the need for high pressure cleaning, and the wrapping is simple and easy to maintain.

When your facility is weathered by high-levels of industrial traffic, yet it is essential that a professional image is upheld, repair and refurbishment through cladding coating and wrapping by Cladding Coatings ensures your unit is safe in the hands of trusted exterior building maintenance experts.


External cladding refurbishment